Monday, May 12, 2014

kittens - week 3 -4

It's been another big week for Peggy and Claude. Early in the week Peggy learnt to climb the ladder and across the top of the kitchen cupboards and fridge, now called 'The Attic'. She enjoyed her "Peggy Only Space' for a whole 4 days before Claude worked up the courage to join her. Neither can get down by themselves and we hear a little chirpy 'where is my human elevator?' miaow when they are ready to descend. Today they went to the vet for the first time in our care. Considering Claude is too scared to meet visitors and Peggy puts on a cursory greeting but then also hides, they both coped very well with their outing. They saw dogs and babies and bunnies. I think they had a culinary interest in the latter. They are enjoying sleeping on our bed and have mastered the art of a claw-in-the-face to wake their human when they are ready to play. No glass of water belongs to the humans anymore - they're all handy hydration stations for the felines now. They are getting very curious about 'outside' but are not allowed out for another 6 weeks. :( Oh yeah, I also made them a dinosaur toy.

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