Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kittens are excellent company for sick days

Kitten selfies

Kittens - Day 3

Where have the kittens gone? We can hear miaows and the couch has a bulge underneath now. 
Rescue hole reveals kitten arm
Rescue hole is now the front door to 'the basement' - the kittens fave new hangout. 

Kittens - Day 2

Kittens! - Day 1

Kittens -Day 1 from ingrid k brooker on Vimeo

Meeting the kittens

It was very difficult to chose just two kittens out of a bucket full of 7 adorable fluff balls - but somehow we settled on the blue and black scallywags. Then we waited a whole two weeks before we picked them up. A true test of patience. 

Baby Peggy and Claude - 3 weeks old