Friday, December 5, 2014

Tub o' Cats!!!

Same size bucket. 2 out of 7 of the same kittens. 9 months difference in time. Tub'o'cats!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

7 months old

We are seven months old now and are big enough to write our own blog. It has been a big month. We have grown so big we can't fit through the holes in the fence. But that's ok because now we can jump OVER the fence. We can also climb trees. We like to explore. There are Other Houses. One day Peggy went to a Other House and didn't come home for long time. When she did the Humans made a big fuss. We got extra kibbles and the next day we got pretty new collars with our names on them. I can't see mine but Peggy tells me the Human spent a lot of time sticking shiny jewels to it and saying "It's not sparkly enough yet". A Red Dot appeared one day. It is confusing. Sometimes I catch it. But I can't smell it or feel it. I lost interest but Peggy is OBSESSED! She LOVES Red Dot. When she sees Red Dot her eyes go big and she acts crazy. I think she loves Red Dot more than she loves kibbles. How could anyone love anything more than Kibbles? I LOVE kibbles. I used to eat Kibbles all day. But now they are not in my bowl in the day time. To get Kibbles I have to run away and go up a tree (which I am good at doing).. Then the human shouts my name and gives me Kibbles to reward me for being brave, going to Other Houses and climbing trees. I would like to write more but now I am thinking about Kibbles. I think Peggy is thinking about Red Dot.  Until next time - Claude

The humans have kindly brought the outdoors indoors for us. We can dig and chew to our hearts content. We like to make sure the plants don't grow too big. The human likes this so much she shouts with joy and waves her hands at us. Sometimes we camouflage ourselves so she does not excite herself too much. 

The Human built a great climbing structure for me in the new room out the back. Sometimes the Human litters it with little of bits of glass, plastic and paper. We make sure it stays clean and tidy and clutter free. 

I like to practice being an owl. You never know when it might come in handy. 

We go out the front now. We like it on the concrete and sometimes peek under the pickets into the Wide World.. We don't like it when other humans walk past and look at us. Claude has learnt to open the front door to let us both back inside. The Humans think we are clever to be able to do this... they don't realise they have failed in their duty to open doors for us. We will save up their punishment for later. 

The Human made a very pretty toy for me today. 

That blasted red dot! 

Our piscine cousin.  We do not eat family. 

We like to do things on our own now. But we still like each other. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

kittens - week 3 -4

It's been another big week for Peggy and Claude. Early in the week Peggy learnt to climb the ladder and across the top of the kitchen cupboards and fridge, now called 'The Attic'. She enjoyed her "Peggy Only Space' for a whole 4 days before Claude worked up the courage to join her. Neither can get down by themselves and we hear a little chirpy 'where is my human elevator?' miaow when they are ready to descend. Today they went to the vet for the first time in our care. Considering Claude is too scared to meet visitors and Peggy puts on a cursory greeting but then also hides, they both coped very well with their outing. They saw dogs and babies and bunnies. I think they had a culinary interest in the latter. They are enjoying sleeping on our bed and have mastered the art of a claw-in-the-face to wake their human when they are ready to play. No glass of water belongs to the humans anymore - they're all handy hydration stations for the felines now. They are getting very curious about 'outside' but are not allowed out for another 6 weeks. :( Oh yeah, I also made them a dinosaur toy.